Griffin Analytical Technologies is proud to introduce the Minotaur Platform. The Minotaur family of products represents the first series of field-portable, miniaturized mass spectrometers capable of multidimensional mass analysis or MSn assays. Each product is designed to detect, identify and confirm chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals with MSn parts per trillion concentrations of explosives. The Minotaur Platform will be offered in a variety of form factors to address the specific needs of the target market. It will then be equipped with application-specific sampling technologies to address the myriad of matrices involved with detection, identification and confirmation of chemicals for Department of Defense, homeland security, and environmental health and safety monitoring.

Based on the revolutionary Cylindrical Ion Trap Technology developed by Griffin Analytical Technologies, the Minotaur Platform accomplishes in the field what was once only able to be done in a laboratory. The key to field instrumentation is the ability to distinguish trace-level compounds of interest from other background or interfering compounds. The cylindrical ion trap mass analyzer provides unparalleled selectivity through multidimensional mass analysis, MS/MS or MSn. MS/MS provides not only a first level of mass analysis to determine if a particular analyte of interest may be present, but also a second analysis (in milliseconds) to confirm the identity of the analyte. This level, of confirmation, never before available in the field, generates the confidence the operator needs to properly respond to the established chemical threat.