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Senior Electrical Engineer

Interested parties should submit resumes or questions to [email protected].

General Job Description

bullet Design the electrical components of a miniature mass spectrometer
bullet Design the packaging system of all of the electronic components and related hardware
bullet Write corresponding firmware for designed electronics
bullet Provide innovative design to add to Company’s IP position
bullet Interact with software contractors
bullet Manage project direction


The Senior Engineer provides highly technical engineering design of analog and digital circuitry.  Responsibilities include project management and design for all phases of project additions.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

bullet Design DSP based signal analysis and generation
bullet Design innovative high gain LC circuits
bullet Develop low noise, low level, high gain current amplifiers
bullet Develop switch-able high voltage bi-polar DC power supplies
bullet Integrate required components (pumps, vacuum measurement, etc)
bullet Develop a power management/distribution plan
bullet Develop firmware for use with the electronic components
bullet Oversee the outsourcing of the electronics assembly
bullet Communicate software needs with outside contractors
bullet Determine design feasibility of new product launches


The Senior Engineer will be required to design every component needed to manufacture GAT technologies.  This work will encompass the oversight of the outsourced contractors associated with the project.



bullet Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from an accredited institution.
bullet Five years of experience as a system engineer.  Knowledge of analog and digital circuitry is required.
bullet Effective verbal and written communication skills, including presentation skills.  Effective interpersonal skills and leadership abilities.
bullet Effective analytical and problem-solving skills.
bullet Advanced project management skills; ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks and projects concurrently.
bullet Comfort in the start-up environment.


The candidate must be capable of tackling the entire design and commercialization plan of new products generated by a high growth start-up firm. 



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