Where chemical analysis was formerly a lengthy process that required bringing samples to the lab, Griffin has shifted the logistics paradigm from “sample-to-lab analysis” to “lab-to-sample analysis” with its unique fieldable mass spectrometers. Founded in 2001, Griffin Analytical Technologies, a business unit within the Detection Division of ICx Technologies, Inc., is emerging as a leader in field analytical instrumentation by offering the first complete family of Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometers (GC/MS) and that are also capable of multi-dimensional analysis (MS/MS). Successful completion of multiple government contracts and a strong relationship with Purdue University’s world renowned analytical chemistry department have generated several technological breakthroughs and a complete family of chemical analysis products. Griffin Analytical continues to develop its own technology and to release new commercial products to better serve existing and emerging markets.

Our Mission

Griffin’s mission is to produce value added MS systems for use as premium class chemical, explosives trace, and biological sensors in the Security and Defense markets.

Our Core Competencies

Griffin specializes in three areas:

  • Providing complete solutions for defense & homeland security customers;
  • Collaborative development of technologies and products for systems integration; and
  • Development, manufacture, commercialization, and sales of leading-edge chemical analysis products in-house.

Griffin’s focus is on delivering accurate chemical information by leveraging novel mass spectrometry products. We deliver value to our customers in broadly defined markets including defense, homeland security, environmental health & safety, and research & development.