Griffin Product Family

The Griffin product family of Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometers (GC/MS) offers high-performance detection, identification, quantitation, and confirmation for a broad range of compounds of interest. Based on a common analytical configuration, each Griffin™ Family product (formerly called Minotaur) has a distinctively different form factor for desktop, mobile-laboratory, fieldable, and portable applications.

All of our Griffin products provide unparalleled selectivity through the use of multidimensional mass analysis, MS/MS (MSn or tandem MS), enabling users to make informed decisions. The Griffin family of products is capable of confirming the presence of explosives, chemical warfare agents (CWA's), industrial chemicals and organic compounds, including both volatile and semi-volatile components. Our products are extremely flexible because we equip them with application-specific sampling technologies and package our systems to address specific customer needs.