Level 1

A simple, user-friendly interface allowing for prompt identification and quantitation of compounds in order to expedite informed decision-making processes with minimal instrument interaction. Requires basic operator training.

When the system is disconnected, users only have access to view stored result files from previous analysis. Once connected, users can run methods (analysis), view real-time data results, view stored result files from previous analysis, and check the instrument health or run a diagnostics check.

The Detailed tab provides users with result data including spectrum, chromatogram, and a search results table.  In addition, detected chemicals NOT programmed to alarm will be displayed within the search results table.

The Instrument Health page includes essential instrument firmware information, Diagnostics and Maintenance indicators, and the Tune feature. Diagnostics components are linked to active feedbacks that indicate a problematic occurrence during operation that must be resolved immediately.  Maintenance components are calendar-dependent feedbacks designed to assist the user in determining when to perform routine checks and maintenance.

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