The Griffin 300™ is the research and method development member of the Griffin family of products. The Griffin 300 is a compact self contained complete Cylindrical Ion Trap with optional gas chromatographic capabilities. The compact size of the Griffin 300 saves critical space in today's space challenged laboratories while providing full Ion Trap capability. The heart of the Griffin 300 is the same Cylindrical Ion Trap Hardware and Software employed in the Griffin 400. Utilizing this common platform allows scientists to develop methods and then transfer them to the units in the field without translation, saving time, money, training, and sustainment costs.

Griffin 300 Specifications


Unit Mass Resolution

Mass Range:

40-425 m/z, configurable depending on application


Cylindrical Ion Trap (CIT) Technology


15.5 in x 10.2 in x 20.4 in (38 cm x 25 cm x 50 cm)


49 lbs. (22.2 kg) - including pumps

Consumables Required:

GC Carrier Gas (choice of He or H2) available from many sources


Multi-level software available to meet operator skill and analysis requirements.

Methods of Sample Introduction:

Capable of direct liquid injection via syringe, SPME, and autosampler through Split/Splitless liquid injector.


130 to 250 (with GC)

Optional Separation Techniques:

LTM-GC, user-selected columns, Fast-GC operation, up to 280°C/min

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